Innovative, Creative Outdoor Lighting: Backyard Entertaining Ideas

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, it’s all about ambiance. The difference between a bare backyard, a relaxing and intimate dinner, and a lively party? Hint: it’s less about your furniture and your choice of coasters than you might think.

When planning a party, the must have item on everyone’s menu is a great music playlist. But don’t forget about lighting! In terms of setting the mood and creating an inviting atmosphere lighting is to the eyes what music is to the ears — a make-or-break ingredient in the recipe of the perfect get-together.

Whether entertaining guests outdoors or simply enjoying a quiet evening in the night air, read on for answers to some of the most common questions about how to pull of unique outdoor lighting with ease.

What should I look for in unique outdoor lights?

Aside from the style factor, there are some key things to think of when choosing outdoor lights.

First and foremost, any lighting for the outdoors must be rated for outdoor use; this ensures it is waterproof and that dust and rain won’t interfere with the bulb or circuitry. Second, look for durability. Most lighting intended for outdoor use is designed to stand up to the elements.

One reason we love portable fixtures from companies like Smart & Green and Imagilights is that they are durable with long-lasting LED light sources. Best of all, their portability allows them to be moved from place to place.

How do I create great ambiance with lighting? What are my options for lighting my deck (aside from shining a spot on it)?

Outdoor backyard and deck lighting can be so much more than a security light or a path light. To create an intimate atmosphere, low light levels and localized pools of light are a favorite technique. Think votive candles. For a fun party scene, brighter colored lights work well. So how do you achieve the ultimate backyard lighting scheme to suit any mood? As with any good lighting design, layered lighting and flexibility are key.

We sorted through the offerings at Lightology to bring you six great ideas to spark your creativity when lighting your own outdoor environment. Enjoy.

1. Lighting to Direct the Eye

Muse Battery Outdoor Lamp

2. Lighting as a Focal Point

Halley Arc Outdoor Floor Lamp

3. Lighting for an Unexpected Effect

UTO Table/Floor/Suspension Lamp

4. Lighting as Furniture

Bass Wireless Lighted Coffee Table

5. Lighting as Mood Setter

IMAGEO Table LED TeaLights

6. Lighting as a Unique Accent

Solar Outdoor Floor Fixture

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