A scalable suspension of hand-molded flowers.

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Meet Tulip by Slamp: a scalable suspension of hand-molded tulips, weightlessly floating in midair. Each Tulip is crafted from Lentiflex and brushed brass, one-of-a-kind in shape and form like natural flowers. Integrated LEDs bring the tulips to life, while nearly invisible woven copper wires and suspension cables allow you to create hanging floral arrangements unique to your space.

Tulip Suspension

The Tulip Collection presents plug & play setups featuring either 7 or 14 flowers cascading from a single brushed brass rectangular or round canopy. Alternatively, there are free-standing bundles of 14 flowers, allowing for imaginative arrangements to suit any size space. Suspend Tulip in an open bar or atrium, creating an elegant and show-stopping encore. Hang Tulip vertically down an open stairwell, like nature hanging in the balance. The organic form and endless scalability grow as wild as your imagination.

Tulip Suspension
Tulip Suspension

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Tulip Suspension
Tulip Suspension

Tulip Suspension

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