Lightglass Simulated Windows & Skylights

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Lightglass Simulated Skylights

We thrive on natural light. It defines our biorhythms, creating a schedule for a productive life: waking us up in the morning, helping us stay focused during the day and getting us ready to rest as the sun sets.

But not every space has large windows some don't have any at all. These environments demand artificial lighting that replicates the effect of natural light.

Lightglass Simulated Skylights
Lightglass Simulated Skylights
Lightglass Simulated Skylights
Lightglass Simulated Skylights

Envision skylights in a basement apartment. The energizing focus of daylight in a windowless lecture hall. Cheery, bright windows in an otherwise dull and ordinary office space. The possibilities are practically endless.

LIGHTGLASS Simulated Windows & Skylights bring the experience of a daylit window into any space. Nearly indiscernible from a real window, LIGHTGLASS incorporates state-of-the-art LED technology to simulate daylight that looks and feels natural.

Lightglass Simulated Skylights

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