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Meet Pix Sticks MIYO by PureEdge: a scalable suspension that gives you flexibility in length, height, and positioning. Create personalized compositions by choosing where the wiring is placed on the LED channels and adjusting the wire lengths you can alter the angles at which the LED channels are hung.

MIYO Pix Sticks

MIYO Make-It-Your-Own Pix Sticks Suspension system allows you to become a lighting designer. Mix & match your channel lengths or keep them all the same in configurations of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 or 9-light options. Find the perfect complement to your space, with an extensive array of finish options in both metallic and wood variations, and offered in a variety of color temperatures, including Tunable White (1500K-6500K) Warm Dim 2700K or 3000K, which dims down to a relaxing 2000K.

MIYO Pix Sticks
MIYO Pix Sticks

Meet Zipp, Cirrus, and Tie Stix

MIYO is available in a few different channel styles: Cirrus, Zipp, and Tie Stix. Cirrus and Tie Stix have a straight bar of LED, housed in metal or wood. Zipp is available as a straight channel or as a wavy-shaped channel of LED, adding more movement to the overall fixture. The Cirrus, Zipp, and Tie Stix Pix Sticks channels are available in 6 different lengths; 39, 48, 60, 72, 82, and 96 inches. Provide the perfect lighting solution by staggering the adjustable aircraft cables available in 12 or 22 feet increments.

MIYO Pix Sticks
MIYO Pix Sticks

Versatile in design the MIYO applications are seemingly endless. Create a stunning focal point above a kitchen island or dining room table. Create a whimsical effect by cascading MIYO down an open stairwell. Stagger Pix Sticks along a hotel bar or reception desk. Fill a two-story window with bars of falling light, illuminating the indoors and inspiring from the outside. The perfect solution for almost any setting whether it is a hotel, restaurant, retail space, or high-end residential project - MIYO has you covered.

MIYO Pix Sticks Tie Stix Suspension

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