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A light system for today's exposed ceilings.

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Meet Pipeline from PureEdge Lighting, a modular lighting system designed for today's open offices, downtown lofts and urban restaurants. Mimicking the contours found in exposed ceilings, Pipeline takes on a rounded shape to blend seamlessly with existing pipes and ducts. Attach track heads, pendants, or pivot the 360-degree built-in lights to meet your needs. The modular design makes it easy to install - up a wall, around a corner, across the ceiling - the sky's the limit.

Pipeline Modular System Office Application

Pipeline Modular System by PureEdge
Pipeline Modular System in Office

Complete Customization

A variety of modular options offer everything you need to build your dream system. Straight bars with up lighting, downlighting, hangable track heads and pendants - Pipeline works as both task and ambient lighting. Piece together the channels with L, T, X, and Y flexible connectors and build the shape you need - along a conference table, around a corner, up a wall. Finished in Satin Nickel, Chrome, Black or White (custom colors available upon request) and a 95 CRI value, it's easy to make Pipeline work in any space.

Pipeline Modular System in Library
Pipeline Modular System in Living Room

With so many modular lighting options, Pipeline works in a wide variety of settings. Light a spacious dining hall, expansive open office, hotel lobby, restaurant, bar, gym or retail space. In the home, Pipeline works perfectly in hallways and living rooms, providing soft ambient lighting and extra spotlighting for wall art.

Pipeline Modular System

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