Reveal Cove and Path

Recessed architectural lighting blends seamlessly into drywall accenting architecture and serves as a practical wayfinding application.

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Meet the Reveal Cove and Pathway from PurEdge, an innovative system that blends seamlessly into the drywall, accenting architecture and can serve as a practical wayfinding application. The Reveal Cove and Pathway is recessed within 5/8" drywall without the need for joist modification. The system is sold in 1' increments up to 20' before re-feeding and can be cut in the field to any length. Continuing to redefine the relationship between lighting and interior design, Reveal Cove and Pathway provides an indirect glow onto ceilings or floors to provide a glare-free architectural solution for both cove or pathway lighting applications. Its versatile design makes it perfect for a range of applications including Residential, Commercial, and Hospitality environments.

Reveal Cove and Pathway

Reveal Cove and Pathway offers unsurpassed flexibility that transforms interiors into thoughtful, unique works of art. Ambient and harmonious, the plaster-in LED system blends seamlessly into the drywall with no joist modification required to enhance the contemporary aesthetic of interior spaces. Elevate your space with multiple static white color temperatures, Warm Dim, Tunable White (6500K-2000K), RGB and RGBW, giving you unlimited creative freedom.

Reveal Cove and Pathway
Reveal Cove and Pathway

Complete Customization

The convenient Reveal Wall Wash Build-It-Yourself (BIY) system creates beautiful and complex configurations simply by using pre-formed components, streamlining the installation process. The slim extrusions, LED strips, and lenses are field-cuttable and ordered in 1' increments (up to 20' before re-feeding). Multiple runs of the channel mount flawlessly together providing smooth and Glare-free general illumination using Designer-grade Color Rendering LEDs (95+ CRI). With the ability to run in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal directions, the compositions are truly endless.

Reveal Cove and Pathway

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