Recessed lighting for archways and curved ceilings.

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TruArch from PureEdge Lighting is an innovative lighting system built to highlight curved ceilings and archways. The slim 1" width creates a smooth, minimalist stream of light, while the narrow depth allows you to recess into just 5/8" thick drywall - no need for joist modification.


One of TruArch's notable features is its adaptability to different architectural elements. It can be used within vertical archways or horizontally on curved walls, accommodating both inner and outer curvatures with a minimum radius of 8". Multiple connection options - straight-to-arch or straight-to-straight connections - can be used to create continuous runs from both an arched ceiling or wall into a flat surface or straight line. This flexibility empowers designers and architects to create unique and personalized spaces with unlimited creative possibilities.



The TruArch system is available in 1-foot increments, up to 40 feet, before re-feeding, and can be cut in the field. TruArch is offered in a wide range of wattages and color temperatures making TruArch the perfect solution for any setting - from task lighting over a reception desk to ambient lighting in a dining room.

Color Temperatures Options:
•Static White (24K to 40K)
•Warm Dim (27D or 30D)
•Pro Dim (27PD or 30PD)
•Tunable White (2K6K or 27K6)
•TruColor RGBTW

Standard in 2000K, available as a special order in 27K, 30K, and 40K


Smart Lighting Options
PureEdge Lighting is revolutionizing the smart home as we know it, offering the largest selection of smart architectural lighting to match their smart bulbs. Add Pure Smart TruColor RGBTW to your TruArch system that can dial into 16M+ colors and 85,000+ Tunable White tones, all controlled with the top-tier lighting ecosystem WiZ PRO. Take total control of your entire space, from strip lighting and plaster-in architectural, to chandeliers and recessed cans. With everything connected to one Wi-Fi ecosystem, matching and blending colors has never been easier - no hub needed!


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