TruTrack Dual Source

Linear plaster-in LED and easy-to-install track system

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Looking for a lighting solution that maintains a sleek and modern aesthetic without sacrificing functionality and versatility? Well, look no further! Meet TruTrack Dual Source by PureEdge, a lighting system that combines recessed illumination with track heads to create the perfect balance of direct and ambient lighting.

TruTrack Dual Source System

TruTrack Dual Source neatly recesses into drywall for clean and seamless recessed lighting. Move, rotate, and angle track lights easily to showcase artwork on your walls. Highlight architecture or furniture in your living room while simultaneously creating a warm dimmed down ambient glow. Elevate the look of your retail displays by spotlighting your merchandise while the recessed track lighting creates a comfortable hue for shoppers. Change the direction and shape of your light in no time. This versatile, streamlined system does it all and so much more!

TruTrack Dual Source System by PureEdge
TruTrack Dual Source System in Hallway

Complete Customization

The system may be switched and dimmed as a Single Circuit or separately as a 2-Circuit System. The easy-to-install track heads deliver high-efficiency lighting and a high CRI value to help bring colors to life. Choose between black and white powder-coated finish options and a variety of color temperatures, including Static White and Warm Dim. The Zoom track head includes an adjustable beam spread, for ultimate control.

TruTrack Dual Source System in Dining Room

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