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Fun Multi Pendant

By Verner Panton, for Verpan
$4,415.00 - $6,580.00
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MFR ID: 10650606301001
ITEM #: VER1587
  • Designed by Verner Panton 

    The Fun Multi Pendant, designed by Verner Paton, brings an ethereal presence to your space. Light shines through the discs to produce a warm, opulent glow. Available with Mother of Pearl discs, grouped together in 2 and 3 clusters, hanging from a White frame. Fixed Length. Made in Denmark. CE and UL listed.

    • Finish: White
    • Shade Color: Pearl
    • Size: 22.1"W x 70.9"H
    • Canopy: 22.1" Dia.
    • Dimmer: Incandescent
    • Materials: Stainless Steel  Mother of Pearl  
    • Labels: UL  CE  
  • Verpan, a Danish company, merges contemporary and classic styles to create unforgettable light fixtures while maintaining allegiance to Verner Panton, one of Denmark's most respected and praised interior designers. These awesome and daring pieces will stand out on any floor, command any table, and hang from any ceiling with elegance. Browse through our selection of pendants, table lamps, floor lamps and wall sconces for inspiration, and discover all of the modern, unique and functional designs that Verpan has to offer.

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  • “The main purpose of my work is to provoke people into using their imagination…” said Verner Panton.

    Exciting and imaginative, Verner Panton was a rare breed. Known as Denmark’s most colorful and influential interior designer, Verner Panton knew the importance of surrounding yourself in excitement. With his unique and innovative vision, Panton used light, shape, color, and space to design fresh environments that delighted the senses. In the 1960s, he showed the world his collection of distinctive modern lamps that were unmatchable next to his fellow designers. He introduced the idea that light and color had personality.

    “Light and color are closely linked. The colors can make a crucial change in nature, if you switch from daylight to artificial light or just from strong to weak illumination. In addition, color perception is affected by the material structure. Even if a piece of textile can have the same color as a shiny enamel plate, they will act completely different,” said Panton. His work later regained popularity at the end of the 20th century.

    Panton encouraged people to follow their fantasies and build their own worlds. Today Panton’s spirit lives on in Verpan, a company that manufactures his iconic designs and other edgy fixtures inspired by Panton’s vision.

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Fun Multi Pendant


  • Finish: 
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  • Height 70.9”
  • Lamp:  INC
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Price:   $4,415.00

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Fun Multi Pendant


  • Finish: 
  • Color: 
  • Height 94.4”
  • Lamp:  INC
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Price:   $6,580.00

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