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Total control, total comfort.

Whether you're adding a few color-changing smart bulbs to your space, or installing dynamic lighting throughout your entire home, our smart home solutions will give you control of your environment like never before.

Features of Smart Home Technology

Connectivity with smart lighting

Accessibility & Connectivity

Control your lights with your smart phone, tablet, virtual assistant or smart-connected wall switch.

Mood Lighting

Live in the Golden Hour, even on a cloudy day. Dial up the pink hues for your house plants, or go multi-color for cocktail hour. With every color available, you do hue.

Mood lighting with smart lighting
Wellness with smart lighting

Wellness & Comfort

Channel the hues of natural lighting, and sync your fixtures to your circadian rhythm - slowly dialing up in the morning, and dimming down at night.

Safety & Security

Set lights to turn on and off at specific times throughout the day. Turn your lights on before you walk in, or control them while you're away. With Smart Lighting, you're in full control - wherever you are!

Safety with smart lighting
Energy efficient with smart lighting

Energy Efficient

Smart lighting is the ultimate energy-saver. LEDs consume the least amount of energy, and with smart controls, you can set lights to turn off when you know they're not needed. Left a light on by mistake? No worries - with your smart home app, you can turn that off from anywhere!

Add A Smart Bulb


Looking for a new fixture? Browse our products that are compatible with smart bulbs.

How to add a smart bulb


Add to cart from the product page.

How to add a smart bulb


Select smart bulb.

How to add a smart bulb


Switch out your original bulb with the Smart Bulb, and connect to your Smart Phone in minutes.

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How to add a smart bulb

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Smart Lighting

Our wide array of lighting offers plenty of retrofit smart bulb solutions to make your favorite fixtures smart.

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Smart Bulbs

If the bulb fits, any fixture can graduate to a smart fixture! Simply add product to cart and select a smart bulb.

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Smart Controls

Smart plugs and switches add features to most fixtures - even if your light can't accommodate a smart bulb.

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Featured Brands

Pure Smart Lighting Logo
  • Easy installation
  • 16 million colors and 85,000 white tones
  • Supports 250-300 WiZ devices via Wi-Fi with the WiZ App
  • No bridge required
  • Full access to WiZ Pro Software Suite—built for the trade
  • Unprecedented color quality with TruColor Technology
Discover Pure Smart
Philips Hue Lighting Logo
  • Easy installation
  • 16 million colors and 50,000 white tones
  • Supports 50 Hue devices via Bridge with the Philips Hue App
  • Philips Hue Bridge required for total control
Discover Philips Hue
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