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TruColor™ RGBTW Bulbs from PureEdge Lighting

Meet the best quality, full-color bulb in smart lighting! With TruColor RGBTW Pure Smart bulbs, you have access to 16M+ colors and 85,000+ white tones—all controlled with the top-tier smart lighting ecosystem WiZ. Retrofit your existing fixtures with the Pure Smart A19 bulb, or upgrade your recessed can lights with the BR30. Easily connect via Wi-Fi, no hub or bridge needed.


Many of today’s fixtures use an A19 bulb, making it easy to add Pure Smart’s exceptional quality and unparalleled color options to a wide variety of compatible pendants, wall lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Add the Pure Smart BR30 bulb to your recessed can lights, and take full control of your space. Powered by WiZ, Pure Smart pairs with 250-300 smart devices—allowing you to dial into color and brightness on your phone or set up automations with ease. For a more tactile experience, install a compatible smart wall control—dozens of high-tech features in the form of a familiar light switch.

Pure Smart

Benefits of Pure Smart Bulbs

  • No hub or bridge needed
  • Unprecedented color quality and consistency
  • 16M+ colors and 85,000+ white tones
  • Rich and accurate tones that recreate natural light
  • Supports 250-300 smart devices
  • Easy installation that works with existing 2.4 Ghz Wi-Fi
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The Highest Quality Color

Until now, you had to choose between limited color-tuning options such as RGB, RGBW, Tunable White, and Warm Dim, each with their own unique limitations. But TruColor RGBTW is different. By combining the best features of each technology and adding its own proprietary five-channel color mixing, it delivers unparalleled performance and adaptability. With 16M+ colors and 85,000+ white tones, the design possibilities are virtually endless. Say goodbye to compromise and hello to a world of infinite color possibilities with TruColor RGBTW.

Pure Smart

How it works: The Black Body Curve

TruColor RGBTW creates rich and accurate tunable white tones that stay true to the blackbody curve and recreate the natural light that we all prefer. In layman's terms, the Black Body Curve is the reference point that we use to compare artificial light sources in an effort to quantify their colors. With TruColor technology, as you adjust your lighting, the light source optimizes with you by producing the desired amount of light for specific color temperatures, achieving optimal quality of light for different applications.

Pure Smart

WiZ Connected Smart Room Controller

  • Works with WiZ Connected fixtures
  • Adjust color temperature, intensity and scene selection
  • Easy installation- like a traditional dimmer
  • Requires Neutral Wire
  • Works if Wi-Fi goes down
  • No Hub Required

*This item is an accessory and not required to use Pure Smart Bulbs

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