Reviving the Murano glass-working tradition with a modern spin, the designers at AVMazzega create beautiful hand-crafted lamps with their signature passion and tenacity.


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Menegario Chandelier
by Mazzega1946
$3,839 - $14,553
Radius Suspension
by Mazzega1946
$1,062 - $1,980
Moon Wall Light
by Mazzega1946
Jar XLS Floor Lamp
by Mazzega1946

The roots of AVMazzega lie in the noble Venetian glassworking tradition; the firm was founded in 1946 by Gianni Bruno Mazzega in Murano, Italy. A land of furnaces, still known for its age old glassworking techniques.

Today, under the guide of son Andrea Mazzega, without betraying its orgins, AVMazzega has revived and reinterpreted the Murano Italian lighting heritage with passion and tenacity, inviting international designers to take on the alchemies of sands, oxides and powders on the Murano island.

The result is hand-worked glass lamps that walk the line of contemporary lighting and the Murano glass traditions.