Bruck's reliable, energy-efficient fixtures are both functional and beautiful, created by leading engineers and designers to transform hotels and homes around the world. For striking, contemporary light in any space, you can’t go wrong with Bruck.


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A lightweight, customizable cable catenary system built for indoor and outdoor spaces alike.

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Located in Tustin, California, Bruck has been manufacturing beautiful, top of the line lighting since 1993, introducing LED lighting systems in 1998. Bruck highlights the value of excellently crafted fixtures and continues to produce fresh and innovative products. These reliable, energy-efficient fixtures are as functional as they are aesthetically pleasing. Founder Alex Ladjevardi has created a legacy by hiring talented engineers and leading designers to transform hotels, apartments, homes and universities around the world. For striking lighting in your bedroom, living room, kitchen, home office and more, browse our selection of lighting from Bruck to transform your contemporary space in style.