SoCal-based Cerno is an industrial design company with a mission to fuse quality, performance and efficiency with modern design. Using solid walnut, linen, and aluminum, Cerno creates the ultimate in multipurpose contemporary LED lighting.


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Plura Ceiling Light Fixture
by Cerno
$576 - $1,580
Aeris Linear Pendant
by Cerno
$2,056 - $2,536

Cerno, established in 2009, is an industrial design and manufacturing company innovating modern LED lighting fixtures in Southern California. Cerno's mission is to fuse quality, performance and resource efficiency with modern design. The Cerno collection of LED table lamps, LED Desk Lamps, LED bedside lamps and LED Floor lamps use solid walnut, linen and aluminum to create modern and often multi-purpose contemporary lighting. Made in the USA.