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For well over a century, Schonbek has remained the world's leading manufacturer of premium crystal lighting. Classic, contemporary or custom, every luminaire is an authentic, handcrafted masterpiece that will last for generations.

Schonbek Signature

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Origami Wall Sconce
by Schonbek Signature
Glissando Large Pendant
by Schonbek Signature
Glissando Pendant
by Schonbek Signature
$1,356 - $1,696
Secret Garden Wall Sconce
by Schonbek Signature

Schonbek is a world-renowned premium lighting brand dedicated to preserving 150-years of American craftsmanship while using innovation to continuously evolve. Since 1870, Schonbek has crafted products that exist at the intersection of beauty and quality taking great care in preserving the production know-how to create lasting quality through sustainable means. In 2020, a new era for Schonbek began, as a dynamic all-American brand. With a fresh new look inspired by rich craftsmanship and heritage, new product collections, and a revitalized brand story, Schonbek continues to deliver on its reputation as a premium lifestyle brand. With handmade chandeliers, Schonbek's passion for innovation and commitment to beauty in every detail has made them a world-renowned lighting brand that continues to drive the market forward today. As Schonbek proudly combines the world's finest cut crystals with state-of-the-art design.