Fabbian's commitment to tradition and quality is apparent in its award-winning collection of striking lighting fixtures. With advanced engineering and a team of qualified designers, each product is a testament to great design.

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Lumi Mochi LED Pendant
by Fabbian
$832 - $1,043
Cloudy LED Ceiling Light
by Fabbian
$1,074 - $1,599
Lens Triple Pendant
by Fabbian
$6,819 - $7,932
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About Fabbian

At Fabbian, a commitment to tradition and quality is just the beginning of a relentless pursuit of great design. Fabbian manufactures all the components to its award-winning lighting fixtures, ensuring that each product carries a foundation of reliable parts, while a team of qualified designers and researchers work together to merge all components into simply stunning masterpieces. With a production philosophy grounded in the highest quality, and a dedication to the most advanced engineering, Fabbian is an impressive force on the stage of today’s lighting design. Browse our selection of Fabbian pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, and wall lights.