Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon instills in its quality lighting fixtures the charm and history of its British homeland. From mid-century lamps evoking the British Invasion to industrial pieces inspired by London's historic architecture.

Tom Dixon

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Melt LED Pendant
by Tom Dixon
$704 - $1,080
Etch 50 Pendant
by Tom Dixon
Melt Mini LED Wall / Ceiling Light
by Tom Dixon
$640 - $648
Etch 30 Pendant
by Tom Dixon

Established in 2002, Tom Dixon is a British luxury design brand and one of the industry's most feted British designers. Founder and Creative Director Tom Dixon is a restless innovator, reimagining both shape and material in stylish new ways. With hubs in London, Milan, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Tokyo and beyond - and a variety of experimental projects around the world including The Pullman Hotel in Bercy, the iconic Drugstore Brasserie in Paris and The Manzoni restaurant / shop in Milan, Tom Dixon blurs the lines between product and experience time and time again. The award-winning Beat, Melt, S-Chair and Wingback are among some of the best-selling collections, now found in museums around the world.