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Andrew Neyer's signature line "Stuff" is dedicated to reimaging the ordinary. The daring exploration evident in these designs livens up restaurants, offices and hotels around the world. Let them be a part of your own personal collection.

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Stuff by Andrew Neyer is a brand dedicated to reimaging ordinary things. Located just north of Cincinnati, Ohio, Stuff balances designing and prototyping products. Daring exploration in the studio leads to breathtaking designs like the Yoyo Pendant, the Crane Wall Light, the Mobile Collection and other unique merchandise. Stuff studio works with architects and interior designers to enliven restaurants, offices and hotels around the world. Some of Stuff's most notable works include, Red Papers for Ogilvy & Mather, the Mantis Light for CB2 and a light installation at Dropbox in Austin, Texas. Stuff by Andrew Neyer brings new meaning to simplicity, reinventing everyday objects to transform contemporary homes and commercial spaces.