Accord Iluminacao

Contemporary and sophisticated design join forces to create an Accord Lighting fixture. With cutting edge processes and high quality raw materials, each Accord Lighting piece illustrates the company's passion for tradition and innovation.

Accord Iluminacao

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Stecche Di Legno Oval Pendant
by Accord Iluminacao
$730 - $1,674
Conical Overlay Pendant
by Accord Iluminacao
Ripado Horizontal Wall Sconce
by Accord Iluminacao
$187 - $365
Ripado Tapered Wall Sconce
by Accord Iluminacao

With humble roots dating back to 1997, ACCORD Lighting started as a fine furniture company. Creating marvelous pieces constructed of quality materials for almost a decade before the company broke into the lighting world. Since 2004, ACCORD has been working with outsourced professionals, such as architects and designers, to achieve excellence in design and manufacturing. After the shift into the lighting realm, ACCORD has been recognized beyond their Brazilian borders: Earning the Abilux design award for the Zen luminaire and expanding production with new facilities and designs.