Petite Friture

"Small fry" in French, Paris-based design editor Petite Friture creates unusual designs that make a big statement. A universe to live in with a wholly independent style and tone partnering with both big names & up-and-coming designers.

Petite Friture

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Vertigo Pendant
by Petite Friture
$1,101 - $1,441
Vertigo Nova Pendant
by Petite Friture
$1,696 - $2,291
Francis Wall Mirror
by Petite Friture
$795 - $995
Cherry Pendant
by Petite Friture
$638 - $842

Petite Friture is a purpose-driven company. Petite Friture is proud to take a stand, seeking out the best solutions at every step of the way, using the right techniques and right people to better serve the planet and do something good. Petite Friture is more than just a design editor, it is a state of mind grounded in trust and optimism. Its ambition: contribute, through our collection to making good out of beauty.