Il Pezzo Mancante

Handcrafted in Tuscany, Il Pezzo Mancante (The Missing Piece) pairs high quality, raw materials with forward-thinking design, carrying luxury lighting into a bold new chapter thanks to designers Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci. Exclusive to Lightology

Il Pezzo Mancante

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Il Pezzo 3 Round Chandelier
by Il Pezzo Mancante
$8,212 - $15,055
Il Pezzo 12 Pendant
by Il Pezzo Mancante
Il Pezzo 3 Long Chandelier
by Il Pezzo Mancante
$8,212 - $23,095
Il Pezzo 12 Round Chandelier
by Il Pezzo Mancante

Born in 2010, Il Pezzo Mancante (Italian for "the missing piece") reimagined what luxury lighting could accomplish. From the minds of designers Cosimo Terzani and Barbara Bertocci, Il Pezzo Mancante is inspired by a passion for quality, raw materials and a distinctive passion for Tuscany. These gorgeous fixtures are also being used in famed designer's Philippe Strack's hotels worldwide. Il Pezzo Mancante strives to create a world made of authenticity and vision, a world that celebrates beauty of handcrafted pieces. The solid wood, the brass casting, hand-blown crystal and marble are sourced from the finest Carrara quarries and are the symbols of timeless intelligence and elegance rediscovered in modern life. Every piece of Il Pezzo Mancante furniture and lighting comes with a small hidden brass cylinder, containing a serial number which seals the authenticity and uniqueness. It's a celebration of ambition, a nod to the continuous research that moves us to new horizons. Explore Il Pezzo Mancante lighting, chandeliers and lamps.