Explore the refined craftsmanship from the Italian based design studio, Fisionarte. Woven fabrics combine with refined metals and hand-blown glass to create truly stunning works of art.


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Essenza Chandelier
by Fisionarte
Desideria Pendant
by Fisionarte
$1,521 - $1,709
Desideria Wall/Ceiling Lamp
by Fisionarte
$1,124 - $1,291
Essenza Pendant
by Fisionarte

Italian designers and master craftsmen have joined forces to create the fisionarte team; a team that strives to conceive, develop and produce lighting that showcases dexterity and expertise. The fisionarte collection evokes emotion and passion through their heavily involved design process that aims to liberate the traditional constraints and limitations of the lighting world.

Creative Director and Designer, Domenico Rinaldi, approaches each design with a sensibility of interaction through material in order to create an experience. Rinaldi's multidisciplinary knowledge allows for a multitude of unique solutions and ideas that challenge the conventional and highlight to future of contemporary thought.