Hubbardton Forge

Hand-forged by Vermont blacksmiths and artisans, the intricate metalwork of Hubbardton Forge is at once contemporary and yet steeped in Old World tradition. Their rustic industrial designs fit in anywhere, while standing out everywhere.

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Henry Dark Sky Friendly Outdoor Wall Sconce
by Hubbardton Forge
$847 - $1,010
Cityscape Circular Chandelier
by Hubbardton Forge
Double Cirque Chandelier
by Hubbardton Forge
$2,286 - $6,356
Umbra Outdoor Pendant
by Hubbardton Forge
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About Hubbardton Forge

Since 1974, just as ancient hand-forging techniques live on at Hubbardton Forge, our design is truly timeless. Simple. Classic. Elegant. Original. Form and function are inseparable in every piece we design. From heavier gauge metals, custom turnings and superior internal components, to environmentally sound powder-coated finishes, we strive to create structural integrity... products that will endure. Blended with the time honored traditions of forging are some of the best applications of modern technology. Our award winning, environmentally sound finishing systems provide the quality and efficiencies that allow us to spend our time doing what we do best - designing and hand forging our products.Made in the USA.