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These days, with adjectives like eco-friendly, green, and sustainable being tossed around like trout in a fish market, the concept of sustainability has become both diluted and murky. Just like every piece of food packaging seems to slap on the organic label to ride the latest health-conscious wave, consumer goods have adopted the sustainability banner to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer. But what does green even mean anymore?

The lighting industry, in particular, has seized the moniker as a way to promote new energy-efficient LED technology. And while it’s certainly true that energy-friendly LEDs consume less energy than incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent counterparts, saving energy in homes is just one piece of a larger Green Design puzzle. Materials, manufacturing processes, shipping practices, and product lifecycle also contribute to a light fixture’s carbon footprint.

So what does Green Design really mean, and how can you recognize it when you see it? We’re calling out our top 5 lighting brands and designers who take a seriously holistic approach to Green Design—beyond the LED.

5. Cerno

Silva Giant LED Floor Lamp

Californian industrial design and manufacturing company Cerno places a strong emphasis on accountability to the environment, eschewing today’s notions of disposability. Using responsibly-sourced materials and only energy-efficient LED technology, all Cerno fixtures are designed to last.

4. Varaluz

Fascination 6-light Chandelier

Who says you can’t be fun and responsible? Varaluz hand crafts outlandishly cool lighting made from responsibly sourced materials. Most Varaluz fixtures incorporate 70% recycled steel and/or 100% recycled glass, as well as other reclaimed, natural, and sustainable materials. The upshot of all of this upcycling? Eco-friendly fixtures that explore the light-hearted side of Green Design.

3. WEP Light

Isabel 65 Suspension

With a collection of unique designs available in natural wood or boldly colored shades, WEP Light is contemporary design au natural. These real wood fixtures from Argentina might best be described as Scandinavian-inspired with Latin flair.

One of the “greenest” features of WEP Light products is their flat-pack shipping. Each pendant and lamp comes in a kitset, with individual components separated but ready to assemble (with complete instructions on how to do so, of course).

Flat pack shipping cuts down on packaging materials and shipping volume, which reduces the product’s carbon footprint as it’s on its way to you.

2. Pablo

Link Medium Floor Lamp
Link Medium Floor Lamp by Pablo

Designer Credit: Michael Richman

Venezulan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo founded contemporary lighting design studio Pablo in San Fransisco in 1993. Staunchly opposed to the modern throw-away culture and driven by a less-is-more design philosophy, Pablo seeks to create lasting objects that can be used for a lifetime. (Think clean contemporary designs that will still be relevant in 20 years.)

Most of Pablo’s latest designs incorporate energy-saving LED technology, flat-pack shipping, or both. The collapsible Solis suspension—either 24”, 48”, or 72” tall—ships in an astonishingly small box that looks like it might hold a laptop computer.

1. David Trubridge

Coral Pendant

Boat builder turned light fixture designer David Trubridge breathes, sleeps, and dreams sustainability. Drawing inspiration from time spent alone in nature, his designs reflect a deep respect for Earth’s natural beauty. Making a conscious effort to minimize his products’ carbon footprint, his materials, production processes, and shipping practices reflect a deep respect for Earth’s natural resources.

Made from highly renewable bamboo in a facility with 100% renewable electricity, flat-packed in 100% recycled packaging, and created to outlast fleeting design fads, David Trubridge lighting fixtures are the embodiment of Green Design.

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