TruLine Trim

Recessed architectural lighting for any surface.

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Unleash your creativity with TruLine Trim by PureEdge Lighting, an innovative system that seamlessly integrates into not just drywall, but any flat surface. This system expands upon the award-winning TruLine system, allowing you to incorporate it into tile, cement, wood and beyond.

TruLine Trim

With a patent-pending 1/2" finished flange, TruLine Trim works in any flat surface, including 5/8" drywall, without having to modify framing or surrounding construction - creating a modern, minimalist look without extra construction costs. The award-winning plaster-in system is perfect for ceilings and walls, adding clean, glare-free illumination to those hard-to-reach dark spots where a suspension or lamp won't fit. TruLine Trim is also made for electricians. Cut, merge, redirect or bracket the LED strips to create evenly lit lines, Xs, Ts and custom angles without any joist modification.

TruLine Trim
TruLine Trim

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