Floral Design

Over the years, flora and fauna have inspired textiles, furniture, architecture and lighting, spawning the Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century - a colorful flower lamp or blooming chandelier are simple ways to bring an organic element to any space.

Best Chandeliers

Top sellers, iconic designs and hot new favorites, our quest for the best chandelier takes us from vintage to mid-century modern to contemporary minimalism, and everywhere in-between.

Vaulted Ceiling Fans

Vaulted or sloped ceilings are a common architectural feature, and most of today's ceiling fans are ready to accommodate.

Inspired by Nature

Sometimes organic and imperfect in form, other times impossibly meticulous and symmetrical, nature provides an endless supply of inspiration, and these designs prove it.

Silver Design

Chic, sleek and full of mystique, silver has a way of elevating any space from drab to glamorous...

Gold Design

Go for the gold! Of all the precious metals, gold has long been the reigning champion...

Socket Pendants

Easy to install and surprisingly customizable, the socket pendant adds that extra little touch to both vintage and modern spaces alike...

Farmhouse Lighting

Country life is all about the simpler things: Wood-burning stoves, vintage hand-me-downs, organic gardens and handmade objects...

Industrial Lighting

Brushed metal, rustic wood, exposed hardware and Edison bulbs bring a touch of industrial chic to any space.

Minimalist Design

Simple shapes, clean lines, dramatic angles - great design can be boiled down to its purest form and still make a statement...

Back to School

The iconic desk lamp is every students best friend, but don't forget about reading lights, string lights and Bluetooth speakers. Studying never felt so stylish.

Matte Black Lighting

Softly striking, daringly delicate, boldly bashful, matte black is a stylish contradiction in the world of contemporary lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas

From waterproof pendants and landscape lighting to poolside speakers and stylish sconces, these outdoor lights will transform your space into an oasis.

Coastal Lighting

Sun-washed driftwood, seafoam blues, sand and rope and coral hues -- invite the calm and serene coast into your home.

Moroccan Lighting

Hand pierced metal screens, intricate patterns and stunning curves bring the vibrant aesthetics of Morocco to the lighting world.

Global Design

A westernized term that typically involves designs from Asia, Africa, the Middle East and South America, global design draws from many diverse regions, culminating in a well-traveled aesthetic.

Best Drum Pendants

Perhaps the most recognizable shape in the lighting world, the classic drum pendant provides shaded, ambient lighting with options to bring color and character. With these drum pendants, you can truly march to the beat of your own drummer!

Whimsical Style

At once eccentric, abstract and sculptural, whimsical design never takes itself too serious, adding a cheeky twist on real-life objects or recreating vintage items with high-tech features.

Victorian Style

Characterized by ornate shapes, Gothic architecture, damask prints and Baroque paintings, Victorian designs feel at once historic, haute and a bit haunting.

Southwest Style

Navajo patterns, Mexican and Central American architecture, desert hues and cowboy culture, southwest style is a melange of many ideas.

Midcentury Modern

The Atomic Age. Retro futurism. Space Age style. One of the most sought-after looks since the 1950s, Midcentury Modern design is at once timeless and nostalgic.

Memphis Style

Founded in Italy by prolific architect and designer Ettore Sottsass, Memphis design incorporates exaggerated scale, cartoonish shapes, abstract lines and bold colors to create one of the most whimsical design movements of the late 1900s.

French Country

Shabby chic. Rustic chateau. French Country style carries a certain je ne sais quoi that we long to surround ourselves with.

Best Midcentury Modern Lighting

Glass orbs, polished metallics, vintage coloring, retro interiors. This list provides the best midcentury modern design with budding lighting technology to match.

Art Deco Style

The glamour of Gatsby, the skyline of Manhattan, the shapes of Cubism, all culminated together in one of the most iconic styles of the past century: Art Deco.

Scandinavian Design

Characterized by clean lines, washed woods, soft edges and intuitive functionality, Scandinavian design is eternally timeless and timely.

Handmade Lights

These handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces celebrate old world craft, artisanal charm, wabi-sabi imperfection and time-honored techniques.

Wood Lights

From sandalwood and birch to oak and maple, wood brings an element of natural, earthy warmth to any space.

Gothic Style

From golden skulls to matte black pendants, the dark side of decor is surprisingly stylish. Dim the lights, draw the curtains and let's get gothic!

Glass Light

Hand blown, Czech, smokey and seeded, glass lights come in a surprising variety of options. From stained glass pendant lights to glass globes and frosted shades, these fixtures bring smooth texture and a subtle shimmer to any space. So let's raise a glass ...

Oh So Glamorous

Diamonds and crystals and gilding, oh my! When it comes to glamour, more is more. Shimmering chandeliers, over-the-top table lamps, dangling crystals and facet-cut glass; nothing elevates a space more than a glamorous fixture. As the old saying goes, "glamour never takes a day off."

Fringe Lights

A fashionable take on the beaded chandelier, fringe elevates any fixture from standard to style icon.

Atomic Light

One of the most iconic designs from the Mid-Century Modern era is the Sputnik chandelier. Born from the Space Race and Atomic Age of design, Sputnik style draws futuristic shapes with round globes, bursting lines and atom formations to create something that - today - feels both vintage and futuristic.

Beaded Chandeliers & Pendants

From rustic and vintage wooden beaded chandeliers to glamorous crystal beaded pendants, the classic and timeless beaded light fixture is truly a piece of jewelry for the home.

Arc Floor Lamps

An overhead light without the hassle of lighting? A midcentury modern floor lamp with timeless appeal? No matter how you see it, the arc floor lamp is one of the most iconic designs of the 20th century.

Planters & Vases

Modern wood and ceramic planters, floating vases and hanging palm lights round out some of our favorite ways to help your flowers bloom.

Tropical Design

When it comes to tropical design, woven rattan, hues of blue, bleached wood and palm trees bring vacation vibes to any space.

Globe Lights

Glass, porcelain, big and small, the sphere is perhaps the most iconic shape in the world of lighting.

Modern Black Ceiling Fans

From matte black ceiling fans to black and brass, our collection of ultra chic black fans are as fashion-forward as they are functional.

Color & Design

Move aside grey, goodbye beige, these colorful fixtures are here to liven up even the most mundane space.

Best Outdoor Wall Lights

Whether flanking the front door or brightening up the patio, these outdoor wall lights have that little extra something to make your exterior glow.

Interior Design Style Guide

From Midcentury Modern to Art Deco, here's a look at some of the most popular interior design styles, to ensure you and your designer speak the same language.

Best Ceiling Fans with Lights

Whether you're looking for a sleek, contemporary fan in matte black or a more traditional wooden ceiling fan, our selection will help your space brighten up and stay cool.

Best Path Lights

Every outdoor project includes a walkway: From backyard boardwalks and garden trails to poolside paths and beyond. Light up your next night hike with some of our best and brightest path lights and bollards.

Outdoor String Lights

Outdoor string lights can make a rooftop bar glimmer, a spacious deck dazzle, or a backyard pergola glow. Bring that warm, summer ambiance to your next outdoor project; sunsets not included.

Portable Lights

Perfect for patios, campsites, poolside or bedside, our selection of cordless lamps prove that sometimes style runs on batteries.

Marble Lights & Furniture

From the Taj Mahal to the statues of ancient Greece, marble has long been the material of choice for everything grand and luxurious, and these designs are no different.

Tripod Floor Lamps

A timeless example of form meets function, the tripod floor lamp gives any space a little extra dose of style. From vintage Hollywood spotlights to wooden, modern farmhouse fixtures, these tripod floor lamps deserve three cheers.

Best Plug In Lights

Not all light fixtures require an electrician. Wall lights, reading lights, and pendants don't have to be a remodeling project; these fixtures are ready to go out of the box.

Best Bathroom Vanity Lights

From above the mirror bath bars to wall lights on each side, our list of top selling, well-designed bathroom vanity lights ensure that you get ready in style.