Mountain Living: Tour This Aspen Home

Colorado is home to awe-inspiring, mountainous terrain, bustling wildlife and dense, evergreen forests. When you're an interior designer in Aspen like Julie Schlafer, you keep all of these components in mind, allowing your designs to complement the riveting scenery.

Meet Mineheart

Mineheart takes its name from Shakespear's 46th sonnet, "Mine eye and mine heart are at mortal war..."

Q&A with the Terzani Family

Every so often, a star is born - one that transforms the design world with a bold new vision. Sergio Terzani is one such star, a true maverick paving the way for modern Italian luxury with his ultra-chic lighting brand Terzani.

Q&A with NYC Design Studio Masson & Tank

New York City design firms have a tough challenge: Stand out from acclaimed competition, set the bar for much of the world, please your high-end clients and do it all in a space under 1000 square feet. No one understands this better than Masson & Tank.